The philosophy of SUNY Poly is to assist students attending the college by providing supplemental financial resources based on academic performance, community and/or college service and/or financial need.

Application Process

Generally, scholarship candidates are selected at the time the student is accepted to the college. The Undergraduate Admissions Office will notify students if they have been awarded a scholarship.


Scholarship criteria include academic achievement as well as supplemental information such as an applicant’s essay, letters of reference, and extracurricular activities. Scholarship candidates will be selected from the top ranks of admitted freshmen.

Transfer Students

Using the transfer grade point average as an indicator of academic excellence (a minimum of 3.25 is required for consideration), as well as other supplemental information, students’ applications for admission are screened to determine if they meet the specific criteria for any available institutional scholarship. There is no separate application. Students wishing to be considered should complete the college’s admissions process as early as possible since scholarships are limited.