Physics Minor

The minor in physics is recommended for students who are seeking to compete for jobs involving research and development or students who are considering to pursue advanced studies in engineering or any of the hard sciences.

Total Credit Hours: 20

A. Required courses (8 credits)

  • PHY 201T & PHY 201L Calculus Based Physics I
  • PHY 202T & PHY 202L Calculus Based Physics II

B. Three courses from the following options (12 credits)

  • PHY 203 Calculus Based Physics III
  • PHY 325 Geometrical Optics
  • PHY 326 Physical Optics
  • PHY 351 T/L Modern Physics Theory Lab
  • PHY 361 Intermediate Mechanics I
  • PHY  371 Electromagnetism I
  • PHY 381 Quantum Mechanics I
  • PHY 382 Quantum Mechanics II
  • PHY 442 Thermal Physics
  • PHY 462 Intermediate Mechanics II
  • PHY 472 Electromagnetism II
  • PHY 490 Special Topics in Physics
  • PHY 491 Independent Study

A “C” grade or higher is required for each course of the minor.

The equivalent of up to three courses that contribute to the minor can be applied as transfer credit.