HUM 110    Humanities and the Postmodern World (4)

The twenty-first century world is being shaped by an array of technological, social, and economic forces ranging from the ubiquity of media and information technologies to the globalization of economic processes. The role of humanities in interpreting and understanding the reshaped landscape of this postmodern world is examined by exploring various modes of human expression (for example, art, architecture, film, literature, philosophy) and  studying how these try to make sense of this dynamic and sometimes disorientating social and cultural environment.

HUM 220    Introduction to Social and Political Thought (4)

An introduction to major ideas, themes and thinkers in social and political thought. While providing an overview of the western tradition, the course will also focus on recurring themes such as questions of power and authority, relations between the individual and the state, concepts of justice, equality, rights, and ideas of individualism, democracy, and community. Attention will be given to the development of ideas within their larger social, cultural and historical contexts.