Scholarship Policy

The following requirements pertain to all students enrolled at SUNY Polytechnic Institute (“SUNY Poly” or the “College”) with scholarship awards. These awards are provided to students enrolled in undergraduate programs only, and are divided equally between the fall and spring terms (i.e., $10,000 scholarship = $5,000 fall semester/$5,000 spring semester). Scholarships are provided for a maximum of eight consecutive semesters or until the student has earned their bachelor’s degree, whichever is earlier.*

I. Academic Requirements:

  • Students must be enrolled full-time (at least 12 credits hours) each semester to maintain their scholarship eligibility.

Students in their final semester of undergraduate study taking less than twelve (12) credit hours may retain their scholarship, however, these students will receive a pro-rated award based on the number of credits that they are taking (i.e., the number (#) of registered credits will be divided by twelve (12) credits to determine the percentage of the scholarship).

Students who do not register for classes by the last day to add classes will lose their scholarship.

  • Students are required to have a 2.75 or higher cumulative GPA at the end of each semester to maintain their scholarship.

1+2+1 Nursing grant recipients must have achieved a 2.75 or higher cumulative GPA at St. Elizabeth’s College of Nursing in order to have their award reinstated upon their return to SUNY Poly for year four of the program.

II. Review, Appeals and Reinstatement:

  • All student scholarships are reviewed twice annually (after fall and spring grades are posted) by the Financial Aid Office for renewal eligibility.

First-year students with a GPA of less than a 2.75 at the end of their first semester will receive a warning from the Financial Aid Office via their SUNY Poly email account.**

All other students (sophomores, juniors, seniors) not maintaining the required scholarship GPA will receive notification of scholarship revocation from the Financial Aid Office via their SUNY Poly email account within three weeks after final semester grades have been posted.

  • Students who lose their scholarship for failing to meet the GPA requirement can appeal for scholarship reinstatement one time only.

The appeal must be submitted by the student (not a student representative, parent or guardian) and must address the circumstances that impacted the student’s inability to meet the GPA requirement for the semester just completed.

  • All appeals for scholarship reinstatement must be submitted via the online Scholarship Reinstatement Appeal Form by June 15th for the fall semester, and January 10th for the spring semester and will be reviewed by the Scholarship Appeals Committee.

The Scholarship Appeals Committee Members include:

  • Director of Financial Aid, Chair
  • Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Director of Admissions
  • Assistant Director of Admissions
  • Registrar
  • Director of Student Accounts or Assistant Bursar
  • Chair of the Care Team or designee

III. Withdrawal, Medical or Military Leave and Suspension:

  • Students who withdraw from all of their classes or drop below full-time enrollment at any point during the semester will lose their scholarship award for the current and future semesters. In addition, they will be billed for the value of the scholarship for the current semester.***
  • Students with a documented medical or military service leave who have not reached full tuition liability will not be required to pay back the value of the scholarship for the semester in which they withdraw. If the leave is approved and results in a full removal of charges, the scholarship award cannot be retained by the student.

These students can request reinstatement of their award upon their return as a full-time student.

  • Students suspended or expelled from SUNY Poly for conduct matters will lose their scholarship award at the time of the suspension or expulsion and will be billed for the value for the scholarship for the semester in which they were suspended or expelled.

Suspended students can appeal for award reinstatement only after: (a) completing one additional semester of full-time study at the college without their scholarship award; and (b) providing documentation that they are in good standing and in compliance with all conduct-related sanctions at the time that the appeal form is submitted.

IV. Miscellaneous Provisions:

  • Students completing their degree in less than eight semesters may not apply “unused portions” of their scholarship(s) to their final semester or to future graduate study.
  • The number of semesters that a transfer student is eligible to receive their scholarship is contingent upon the number of full-time semesters required to complete their bachelor’s degree based on their transfer credit at the time of enrollment.
  • Students receiving a scholarship that covers on-campus housing costs must reside in SUNY Poly provided housing, whether at the Albany or Utica location.
  • SUNY Poly reserves the right to revoke any scholarship award at any time for a student who has not met any of the stated criteria.
  • This policy does not apply to SUNY Poly UFENSE awards. Please refer to your original award letter and/or any amendments to said award letter.
  • All scholarship awards are contingent upon the availability of funding.

* Enrolled scholarship recipients will be notified in the fall if their scholarship is being funded by a specific donor. At that time, the recipient will be asked to send a note acknowledging and thanking the donor for their financial support.

** This is the only warning notification that will be sent; it is the student’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the requirements of this policy so they understand when their award may be in jeopardy.

*** If the withdrawal occurs before full tuition liability is reached, the student will be billed for the pro-rated portion of the award that is required to settle their debt to the College.


















Approved 5/15/2019