Crime Analytics Minor

The minor in Crime Analytics is designed for students interested in studying the sociological forces that generate crime with a strong analytic focus.  The minor is open to students from multiple disciplines interested in learning the methods and technologies used to discover, interpret, and communicate significant patterns in crime data. The sociology major, however, with its emphasis in criminology, pairs particularly well with this minor. The coursework promotes synthesis of theory, mathematics, statistics and application so that students gain the ability to perform and develop complex crime analyses. The knowledge and skills that can be gained in this minor are highly valued by law enforcement agencies as well as a variety of private industries.  Those who wish to sit for the New York State Crime Analyst Certification exam will have adequate preparation to do so after successfully completing the minor. A student desiring a minor in Crime Analytics must apply through the sociology program within the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

A. General Requirements

  • A student desiring a minor in Crime Analytics must register with the program and take a minimum of 17 credits of courses, at least 8 of which must be taken at SUNY Polytechnic Institute.

B. Specific Requirements

  1. Criminal Justice Systems:

CJ 101 – Introduction to Criminal Justice

  1. Quantitate Research Methods:

SOC 332 Methods of Inquiry OR PSY 310 Research Methods in Psychology

  1. Math Competency:

MAT 112 Elements of Calculus (minimum grade of C)
MAT 121 Calculus for Engineering Technology I AND
MAT 122 Calculus for Engineering Technology II
MAT 151 Calculus I and MAT 152 Calculus II

  1. Statistical Proficiency:

STA 225 Applied Statistical Analysis (minimum grade of C)
MAT 370 Applied Probability

  1. GIS:

CJ 456 Crime Mapping Technologies
IS 341 Geographic Information Systems

  1. Internship and/or Practicum Experience:

MAT 492 Applied Mathematics Internship
SOC 495 Practicum in Sociology