Wellness Center: Health & Counseling

Phone: (315) 792-7172

Fax: (315) 792-7371

SUNY Poly values the health and well-being of our students as demonstrated by a new, state of the art Wellness Center.  The Wellness Center features Health and Counseling Services that support and enhance the educational experience for SUNY Poly students.

At the Utica site, the Wellness Center is located in the Campus Center, Suite 217. Office hours during the semester are Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

The Wellness Center services are supported by a mandatory health service fee that students pay each semester, thus there are no out of pocket costs to the student for services. The health service fee provides each student comprehensive, confidential health and counseling services on campus. The Wellness Center does not bill your private medical insurance company.

The Wellness Center is staffed by licensed and experienced health professionals. All services are strictly confidential and are shared only with your written permission.

At the Albany site, students can use the Student Health Center at the Albany Medical Center, 25 Hackett Boulevard, Albany NY (518) 264-0900.  Appointments are required and students must bring their medical insurance card for all services rendered and their SUNY Poly ID card.

Health Services:

Sick, injury and preventative care is provided by a physician, nurse practitioner, registered nurses, health promotion coordinator and support personnel. Appointments are recommended, however walk-ins are welcome and scheduled accordingly.

Medical  Services:

  • Medical evaluation, treatment & follow-up care
  • Women’s and Men’s Health – GYN examinations, birth control, STD testing, etc.
  • Laboratory services: On campus – strep, mono, HIV, etc., Off-campus – nationally recognized laboratory pick-up service of specimens for testing
  • Medications – prescription & over the counter
  • Medical Equipment/Supplies/Other – crutches, band-aids, cough drops, hot/cold packs, etc.
  • Referrals – to private practitioners, community agencies, etc.

Health Promotion Services:

  • Free, confidential HIV testing & counseling (oral swab with 20 minute results)
  • Alcohol/substance abuse screening &  education
  • Current health-related educational literature and resources
  • Appropriate health guidance with necessary referral (topics include: sleep, stress management, nutrition, etc.)
  • Prevention focused programs such as flu vaccination clinics
  • Peer education programs
  • Smoking cessation assistance & counseling
  • Relaxation Room and therapeutic massage services

Counseling Services:

Counseling Services play a vital role in the mission of the college by providing a safe and confidential environment for students.  Discussion of life’s challenges and the exploration of the complexities of self to enhance the emotional, social and psychological well-being of each student to help them reach their academic goals.

Counseling is a confidential process designed to help students express their concerns such as college adjustment, anxiety, depression, stress, relationships, sexual identity, self-esteem, etc.

At the Utica Site, Counseling Services are located in the Campus Center, Suite 217. Appointments are required and can be made by calling (315) 792-7172. All services are strictly confidential and are provided by a licensed mental health provider.

At the Albany Site, students requiring counseling services should visit the Student Services suite, NanoFab south building, Suite 309. Appointments are required and can be made by calling (315) 792-7172. All services are strictly confidential and are provided by a licensed mental health provider.

Questions regarding Counseling Services can be directed to (315) 792-7172.

Other Health Related Information – REQUIRED Health Documentation:

Health Requirements to Attend SUNY Poly:
All students at both the Albany and Utica sites, are REQUIRED to provide the following health documents to the Wellness Center before August 1 for fall admission and January 1 for spring. Student athletes and nursing students have more stringent health requirements. Please refer to those respective departments for details.

Immunizations – Mandatory for all students registered for six (6) or more credits. Non-compliant students will be de-registered pursuant to the directives of the law.

Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) – NYS Health Law § 2165 requires all students taking on campus classes to provide documentation of immunity to MMR. Persons born prior to 1/1/57 are exempt.

 Required documentation:

  • Measles: Two dates of immunization given after 1967 AND on/or no more than 4 days prior to the first birthday
  • Mumps: One date of immunization given on/or no more than 4 days prior to the first birthday
  • Rubella: One date of immunization given on/or no more than 4 days prior to the first birthday


  • Titers: Date AND positive numeric results of the measles titer, and/or mumps titer and/or rubella titer

Meningococcal Meningitis – NYS Health Law § 2167 requires all on or off campus students provide the following documentation:

  • One date of the meningococcal immunization given within the past  5 years


  • Completion of the Meningococcal Information Response Form indicating acknowledgement of meningococcal disease risks and refusal of the meningococcal meningitis immunization signed by the student (or student’s parent/guardian if under 18 years old). The Meningococcal Information Response Form is available on the SUNY Poly Wellness Center website.

Health History and Physical Examination within the last two (2) years – Mandatory for all students registered for twelve (12) or more credits. A SUNY Poly student may only receive clinical services at the Wellness Center once the health history and physical examination are on file. Full-time students will not be permitted to register for another term until this health requirement has been met. Students taking less than 12 credits may use the clinical services if a physical examination within 2 years is on file.

Student athletes, Department of Nursing and Health Information Management students have more stringent health requirements.  Please refer to their respective departments for additional information.

Medical Insurance

Domestic Students – SUNY Poly requires that all students comply with health insurance regulations as federally mandated by the Affordable Care Act. This law requires that all individuals have individual health insurance.

International Students – International Student Medical Insurance Policy – The State University of New York requires that all international students entering the country for study or research, or any US student studying abroad in a SUNY sponsored program purchase a SUNY medical insurance policy.  Medical insurance information is provided upon admission and students are automatically enrolled and billed.

Questions regarding enrollment and billing, please call the Bursar’s Office (315) 792-7412.  Questions regarding utilization, please call the Wellness Center (315) 792-7172.

Please note: Students who have the international insurance plan who are referred for further evaluation by the Wellness Center for off-campus health care services (hospital, urgent care, specialist, etc.) are not responsible for the $50. deductible. International students who receive off-campus health care services (hospital, urgent care, specialist, etc.) without a referral from the Wellness Center are responsible for the $50. deductible.