Undergraduate Grading System

The level of a student’s scholarship is determined by the following system of quality points per semester hour of credit:

Grades/Quality Points Per Credit Hour

  • A+ 4.00
  • A Excellent 4.00
  • A- 3.67
  • B+ 3.33
  • B Good 3.00
  • B- 2.67
  • C+ 2.33
  • C Satisfactory 2.00
  • C- 1.67
  • D+ 1.33
  • D Poor 1.00
  • F Failure (no earned credit) 0.00
  • W 1 Withdrew
  • I 2 Incomplete
  • IPIn Progress Passing 3
  • S4 Average or Above
  • U5 Unacceptable
  • EX Examination (Test-out Policy)

The grade point average (GPA) is determined by dividing the total number of quality points by the total number of semester hours for which a student has been graded (“A” through “F”). If a student has retaken a course, only the course with the higher grade is used in computing the cumulative GPA.

1. Withdrew from a course subsequent to the add/drop period and prior to the last class meeting at the end of the tenth week of classes.

2. The Incomplete Grade (I): A grade assigned at the discretion of the instructor when the student has failed to complete the course due to circumstances beyond the student’s control. The incomplete must be removed by mid-semester of the following semester. An incomplete that is not removed within this period is recorded as an “F.” NOTE: Students cannot re-register for a course in which they are currently registered and have an incomplete grade pending.

3. In Progress Passing (IP): is assigned at the discretion of the instructor when the student is making satisfactory progress in course requirements that one ordinarily would be unable to complete by the end of a semester: i.e.; research, practicums, internships. Students have until the end of the following term to complete the required work. [NOTE: An IP grade that is not changed by the end of the following term is recorded as an “F”.]

4. “S” and “U” grades apply only to those courses that have been approved as S/U grade courses. Grades “A” through “F” may not be awarded in such courses. The “S” grade signifies that the requirements of the course have been successfully completed and academic credit has been earned. The “U” grade indicates that the requirements of the course have not been successfully completed and no academic credit has been earned. S/U graded courses are indicated as such in the course descriptions. “S” and “U” grades are not included in calculating the student’s GPA, and, if an “I” were to be given and not removed, the “I” reverts to a “U.”