Dual Baccalaureate Degrees

  1. A student possessing a baccalaureate degree from another institution may earn a second baccalaureate degree* from SUNY Poly by completing the specific degree requirements and the residency requirement. A student may satisfy both requirements simultaneously.
  2. A student may earn two baccalaureate degrees* from SUNY Poly. The student must satisfy all degree requirements for each program. A student wishing to complete more than one baccalaureate degree may transfer a different set of courses for each degree but in no case is a student allowed to transfer more than 94 credit hours for each degree. A student must complete at least an additional 30 resident credit hours beyond the requirements for the first degree for each additional degree earned.

* The New York State Education Department requires that: “The conferral of two baccalaureate or associate degrees should be reserved as a means of recognizing that a candidate has competencies in two essentially different areas. For example, if a person obtains a Bachelor of Arts in History, it would be entirely appropriate to confer on the student a Bachelor of Business Administration or a Bachelor of Fine Arts, for those degrees represent professional preparation discrete from the learning identified for the Bachelor of Arts. However, it would not be appropriate to confer two Bachelor of Arts for double majors, say in English and psychology, since multiple academic majors may be properly identified on the transcript. Nor would it be logical to award a Bachelor of Arts for a completed major in English and a Bachelor of Science for a concentration in chemistry. If the liberal arts content is sufficient, one degree for both fields would be appropriate, for at this time the distinction between a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in many instances is at best thin, if not completely lost.” Memorandum to Chief Executive Officers of Higher Institutions No. 4, September 10, 1971.