Psychology Minor

The psychology program offers a minor for students in other disciplines. An understanding of psychology underlies all human activities. Consequently courses dealing, for instance, with human motivation, individual differences, childhood and aging, prejudice, stress, cognition, and learning would add depth to any major. A psychology minor might be especially useful to students planning careers in business, human services, criminology, health sciences, human resources, mental health, nursing, and artificial intelligence.

The course requirements for the minor are a minimum of 18 credits, eight of which have to be completed at SUNY Poly. An introductory course in psychology does not count toward the 18 credits. Students are required to take History and Systems of Psychology (PSY 405), two intermediate courses and two advanced courses.

Total Credit Hours: 18

A. Required Course

  • PSY 405 History and Systems of Psychology

B. Intermediate Courses (Select two)

  • PSY 220 Lifespan Developmental Psychology
  • PSY 222 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 242 Social Psychology
  • PSY 262 Learning & Motivation
  • PSY 273 Death, Dying & Bereavement
  • PSY 325 Psychology of Gender
  • PSY 331 Psychology of Personality
  • PSY 352 Industrial & Organizational Psych
  • PSY 360 Perception
  • PSY 365 Educational Psychology
  • PSY 377 Health Psychology

C. Advanced Courses (Select two)

  • PSY 415 Aggression & Nonviolence
  • PSY 425 Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY 444 Applied Social Psychology
  • PSY 445 Group Dynamics
  • PSY 460 Neuropsychology
  • PSY 470 Psychological Testing
  • PSY 477 Principles of Counseling