MKT 301    Marketing Management Principles (4)

Topics covered include: marketing’s role in society and the firm, the marketing concept, product planning, consumer behavior, marketing research, channels of distribution, retailing, wholesaling, pricing, promotion, and planning and evaluating marketing strategy. Group discussions, case studies, and spreadsheet software are utilized.


MKT 312    Marketing Management Problems (4)

Analysis of problems encountered by firms in marketing goods and services. Emphasis is placed on the formation of strategies to integrate product planning, pricing, distribution, promotion, and service within the existing legal framework. Prerequisite: MKT 301 or equivalent.


MKT 321    Advertising Management (4)

Issues in the development and management of creative strategies to accomplish marketing objectives in a competitive economy. Includes the role, scope, and organization of advertising, the use of agencies, media investigations and campaigns, personal selling, and legal, regulatory, and ethical constraints. Prerequisite: MKT 301 or equivalent.


MKT 378    Marketing for Entrepreneurs (4)

Focuses on marketing activities required by entrepreneurial ventures, including small businesses, franchises, new ventures, non-profits activities, and internal corporate projects. Emphasis is placed on effectively and creatively marketing the innovative venture. This course focuses on the theoretical and practical aspects of marketing entrepreneurial ideas in written and oral form supported by numerical and qualitative arguments. Prerequisite: ENT 375.


MKT 465    Consumer Behavior (4)

Behavior science theories are examined for practical application in developing marketing strategies: motivation theory, consumer perception, attitude theory, and social referents. Case studies, class discussion, and projects are used to examine consumer behavior. Prerequisites: MKT 301 or equivalent.


MKT 470    Marketing Research (4)

Through the use of cases, exercises, and projects, the course reviews the application of research methods to gather marketing information. Applied marketing research studies are examined in steps: plan, design, execution, and interpretation. Prerequisites: MKT 301 and STA 100 or equivalents.


MKT 491    Independent Study (Variable 14)

Extensive study and research on a particular topic of student interest under the supervision of a faculty member. The student is required to submit a written proposal which includes a description of the project, its duration, educational goals, method of evaluation, and number of credits to be earned. Prerequisites: Matriculated students only, permission of instructor and dean of subject area.


MKT 492    Marketing Internship (4)

Supervised, discipline related experience in a business organization. Emphasis is on application, process, and techniques used by business to sustain business and promote growth. Specific skills and competencies needed to be a successful decision-maker will be targeted. Oversight will be provided by the School internship coordinator and the sponsoring organization. Periodic meetings with the supervisor, mid-semester evaluation, and a final, comprehensive written report are required. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.