The SUNY Polytechnic Institute provides a vibrant, creative, and stimulating environment for innovation, education, and outreach that prepares our students to use basic and applied knowledge to solve challenges, address complexities and seize opportunities of our modern technological society. SUNY Poly provides an affordable range of undergraduate and graduate educational and research programs of the highest quality. Students receive a well-rounded education preparing them to be future leaders in a dynamic and diverse world by demonstrating the interplay of knowledge and culture thus emphasizing the importance of continuous learning.

SUNY Poly values and encourages academic and intellectual achievement at the highest levels and seeks broad access by persons motivated to pursue a college experience that employs the breadth and depth provided by a sound and comprehensive liberal arts education and the technical competencies inherent to the applied disciplines. SUNY Poly is committed to the integration of these elements in a coherent program of higher learning. Serving as a leader for innovation and education in the interdisciplinary traditional and emerging disciplines of science, engineering, and technology, SUNY Poly strives to provide a challenging, culturally diverse, and supportive educational environment that fosters and encourages active student participation in residential life and student organizations, athletics, recreation, cultural, and social events.