Entrepreneurship Minor

A student designing a minor in entrepreneurship must register for the program with the Department of Business Management. The following criteria apply:

  1. The minor must be a minimum of 17 credits
  2. At least 12 credits must be taken in residence at SUNY Poly
  3. Any course substitutions must be approved by an academic advisor via an academic petition
  4. A student must earn at least a C+ or better grade in each course, including transfer courses

Total Credit Hours: 17

A. Required Courses

  • ENT 375 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • FIN 378 Finance for Entrepreneurs
  • ENT 485 Business Planning for Entrepreneurs

B. Elective Courses (select two)

  • MKT 378 Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  • ENT 378 Entrepreneurial Technology Management
  • ENT 492 Entrepreneurship Internship