Marketing Minor

Selecting a marketing minor will prepare a student for a career in a business or non-profit organization. The primary challenge to a marketing professional is to create and retain profitable customers through activities such as market research, competitive analysis, determination of market potential, market segmentation, and target marketing. This information is used to develop the marketing strategy mix, marketing plans, marketing audits, and other strategic policies. The evolution of the global economy invigorated through the use of modern technology demands an ever-increasing attention to the marketing function as an integral part of the total business environment. Revenue enhancement, social and ethical responsibility, cost controls, and stockholder wealth maximization are all driven by the strategies developed within the marketing function. To complete the minor in marketing, at least 12 credits must be taken at SUNY Poly. Any course substitutions must gain prior approval from the Department of Business Management via an academic petition. A student desiring a marketing minor must apply through the Department of Business Management. A student must earn at least a “C” in each course in the minor for that course to be applied to the minor.

Total Credit Hours: 17

A. Required Courses

  • MKT 301 Marketing Principles
  • MKT 312 Marketing Management Problems
  • MKT 321 Advertising
  • MKT 465 Consumer Behavior

B. Elective Courses (select one)

  • MKT 345 Retail Management
  • MKT 410 Market Based Management
  • MKT 470 Marketing Research