Engineering Science Minor

The minor in Engineering Science is valuable for non-engineering students who wish to enter the competitive job market with an understanding of the math, science, and design process involved in the Engineering field. Once through the 4 core engineering science courses, students have the opportunity to gain more specialized knowledge of a particular discipline by taking courses within the Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical engineering programs. Many of these courses have specific Math and Science prerequisites including but not limited to: MAT 151, MAT 152, and PHY 201.

Total Credit Hours: 19-21

1. Required Courses (13 credits)

    • ESC 110: Introduction to Engineering
    • ESC 120: Design Tools and Processes
    • ESC 210: Engineering Mechanics – Statics
    • ESC 230: Mechanics of Materials

2. Two Courses from the following (6-8 credits)

    • CE 301: Structural Engineering
    • CE 302: Transportation Engineering
    • CE 303: Environmental Engineering
    • CE 304: Geotechnical Engineering
    • ECE 260: Electrical Circuits
    • ECE 251: Digital Logic Design
    • ESC 240: Engineering Mechanics – Dynamics
    • ME 220: Kinematics and Mechanisms