Tuition Refund Policy

Credit Courses
Students withdrawing from the college incur the tuition liabilities listed below based on the date of withdrawal. Liability for tuition is calculated at the time the student completes the official withdrawal process with the Registrar’s office. Not attending classes does not reduce or cancel liability.

Undergraduate/Graduate – 15 Week Schedule (Full Semester) 
Liability During: 1st week of classes* 0%
2nd week of classes* 30%
3rd week of classes* 50%
4th week of classes* 70%
5th week of classes* 100%
Undergraduate/Graduate – 8 Week Term
Liability During: 1st week of classes* 0%
2nd week of classes* 60%
3rd week of classes* 80%
4th week of classes* 100%
Undergraduate/Graduate – 7 Week Term 
Liability During: 1st week of classes* 0%
2nd week of classes* 65%
3rd week of classes* 100%
Undergraduate/Graduate – 4 Week Term
Liability During: 2nd day of classes* 0%
Remainder of 1st week* 50%
2nd week* 100%

* The first week of class session is the first day of the semester, quarter or other term. The first week of classes, for purposes of this section, shall be considered ended after seven calendar days, including the first day of scheduled classes, have elapsed.

All student fees are non-refundable after the end of the first week of classes. The college fee is non-refundable once classes start. The alumni fee is refundable by petition to the Alumni Office until the last day to withdraw without record.

Please check with the Student Accounts Office immediately about any refund/liability if you are contemplating withdrawing from any course. Consult with the Financial Aid Office also, as an aid package could be adversely affected by a decrease in credit hours.

NYS TAP and Excelsior Scholarship recipients note: dropping below 12 hours will likely result in the loss of the award for the current semester and/or future semesters. You may not be eligible to have the award(s) reinstated.

No drop is considered official until the proper forms have been completed and submited to the Registar’s Office. Payment of any related fees must also be done at the Student Accounts Office, at this time. During certain specified times of the year students may Add/Drop courses via the web. When the web is closed students must make changes in person or by telephone with the Registrar’s Office during normal business hours of operation. The Registrar’s Office does not accept registration changes by email.