Parking Fees

A parking fee must be paid by all students and employees (not exempt as a result of collective bargaining agreements) who park a vehicle on campus. That vehicle must be registered with University Police and exhibit a valid parking decal. Fees are established using SUNY Parking Model Costs and Charges, and are subject to New York State and local sales taxes. All regulations pertaining to the use of vehicles on campus are enforceable 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Parking is automatically assessed to all students registered for classes requiring on-campus attendance. If you will not be parking on campus, please complete a waiver. A valid decal can be obtained at the University Police Department. Parking fees for various categories are as follows (plus applicable sales taxes):

Time Period Full-time Part-time
Single Semester/Per Semester 55.00 27.50
Summer Semester Only 20.00 20.00

Parking fees are non-refundable. A full-time student is a student registered for 12 or more credit hours on campus.

Provision for additional vehicles must be made with the University Police Department. Only one vehicle may be parked on SUNY Poly property at any given time. Each vehicle must be registered and display a valid registration decal.

Students who have more than enough aid to cover their appropriate semester charges may authorize the payment of their parking fee against their incoming financial aid.