Chemistry Minor

The program serves to broaden the academic background of students seeking employment in fields related to chemistry. The minor in chemistry also complements a wide variety of disciplines. Students in many other fields, including biology, health science, physics, psychology, or laws will find it useful.

Total Credit hours: 20-28

A. Required courses (16 credit hours)

  • CHE 130T and CHE 130L
  • CHE 131T and CHE 131L
  • CHE 230T and CHE 230L
  • CHE 231T and CHE 231L

B. Elective (choose minimum of 1: 4 credit hours)

  • CHE 430T and CHE 430L
  • CHE 370
  • CHE 431
  • CHE 490 Special topics

C. Additional Requirements

  • At least 12 credit hours must be taken at SUNY POLY
  • Students must achieve a minimum C grade in the courses applied towards the minor.
  • Apart from the required courses biology majors must take at least 8 credit courses outside their biology major requirement.
  • Elective substitutions must be approved by department chair