Business Management Minor

Organizational and management skills are critical for effective decision-making in both public and private enterprises. Business know-how is necessary for competently leading and managing all types of organizations spanning diverse industries.

The business minor allows students to not only major in their principal academic interest, but also gain real management knowledge making them more attractive to employers. Moreover, students equipped with business management skills are more capable of effective teaming with others and making strategic organizational decisions.

The Minor in Business Management draws on business core courses to give a broad, non-specialized exposure to business essentials. It is designed to provide necessary entry-level employment skills for a wide range of jobs and to facilitate a seamless transition to the workplace.

Courses and Requirements:

To earn the minor, students must successfully complete a minimum of 18 credits as described below. Students must earn a C+ or higher grade in each course applied towards the minor. A minimum of 12 credits applied towards the minor must be taken at SUNY Polytechnic Institute.

Required Courses

  • BUS 101: Introduction to Business*
  • ACC 201: Financial Accounting*
  • FIN 302 Finance Principles
  • MKT 301: Marketing Management Principles
  • MGT 307: Organization Behavior

*Course can be taken at SUNY Poly or transferred from another educational institution.