Health Information Management Minor

The minor in health information management is a valuable choice for students in nursing, computer and information science, computer and information systems, psychology, sociology, or any technical field. According to the American Health Information Management Association, health information management plays a critical role in maintaining, collecting, and analyzing data that doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers rely on to deliver quality healthcare. Health information management involves managing patient health information and medical records, administering computer information systems and coding the diagnoses and procedures for healthcare services provided to patients.

Total Credit Hours: 18*

A. Required Courses (Entry-Level Sequence) (6 credits)

  • HIM 100: Intro to the Health Information Management Field
  • HIM 111: Medical Terminology

B. Electives (Entry-Level Sequence) (3 credits)

  • HIM 212: Pathophysiology for Health Information Management
  • HIM 330: Databases for Health Information Management

C. Electives (Advanced Courses) (9 credits)

  • HIM 305: Inpatient Coding and Classification
  • HIM 306: Outpatient Coding and Classification
  • HIM 309: Legal Aspects of Health Information
  • HIM 313: Management for Health Professions
  • HIM 401: Quality Improvement in Health Information
  • HIM 403: Intro. to Epidemiology
  • HIM 435: Health Information Systems
  • HIM 440: Health Informatics Concepts
  • HIM 490: Selected Topics in Health Information Management

*At least eight credit hours must be taken at SUNY Poly. At least eight credit hours must not be required courses in the student’s major. The student must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (average of “C”) in the minor.