Actuarial Mathematics Minor

Minor in Actuarial Mathematics 18-24 credits

Minor in Actuarial Mathematics enhances education of students who are considering career in insurance and also in quantitative finance or financial engineering. The minor covers topics that are part of the first two exams of the Society of Actuaries (SOA) as well as topics that are part of the VEE (Validation by Educational Experience) requirement. The minor is a good fit for students whose primary major is applied mathematics, engineering, engineering technology, as well as mathematically strong students in business and accounting.

Prerequisite for the minor: Completion of MAT 122 or MAT 152 Calculus 2 with grade C or better.


Economics 3-4 credits

  • ECO 110 Microeconomics (General Education category – Social Sciences)

Accounting and Finance 6-8 credits

  • ACC 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • FIN 302 Financial Management Principles (Note: Prerequisite of ACC 201)

Mathematics 6-8 credits

  • MAT 370 Applied Probability (Note: Prerequisite of Calculus 2)
  • MAT 405 Financial Mathematics 1 – Interest Rate Theory (Note: prerequisite of Calculus 2, MAT 370, and FIN 302)

Electives – one from the list below 3-4 credits

  • MAT 406 Financial Mathematics 2.
  • STA 410 Applied Regression Analysis
  • STA 471 Time Series Analysis and Its Applications
  • FIN 411 Financial Management Problems

Other recommended courses for students wishing to pursue the actuarial certification:
ECO 112 Macroeconomic (ECO 110 and ECO 112 together ->VEE Economics)