Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences Minor

The minor in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences is designed for students interested in the biological bases of human behavior and the application of evolution to human affairs. The course requirements for the minor are a minimum of 17 credits 12 of which have to be completed at SUNY Poly. Students must achieve a minimum “C” grade in the courses applied toward the minor.

Minimum of 17 Credits

Required Courses:

  • PSY 100 Principles of Psychology
  • PSY 280 Evolutionary Psychology
  • PSY 480 Seminar in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences

Elective Courses (select two):

  • ANT 101: General Anthropology
  • IDS 204: Understanding Human Nature
  • BIO 225: Biology of the Sexes
  • PSY 355: Behavioral Neuroscience
  • CBH/PSY 381: Evolutionary Medicine
  • EBS 491: Independent Study
Individuals interested in the Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences minor should contact Dr. Andrew Gallup.