Other Third Party Deferrals

Armed Forces Representatives
Present properly completed federal contract authorizations forms (DD1556, DD1227, SF182) at time of payment.

Employer Sponsorship
Third party payments are acceptable only if the employer, unconditionally, agrees to pay the college upon receipt of the billing statement. No stipulations regarding the student academic performance are allowable. Submit a letter of authorization from your employer and payment of any fees/unauthorized balances to our office prior to the billing due date. A sample letter can be found at www.sunyit.edu/bursar/forms. Employer Sponsorship letters should include the following information:

  • Reimbursement will be made directly to SUNYIT.
  • Reimbursement will not be dependent upon the student receiving a grade.
  • Payment is due from the employer within 30 days of billing. Billing will occur when the student reached 100% liability—5th week of classes for full term. If payment is not received within 30 days of this billing date, late fees will be added to the student account.
  • A signature from a company representative.
  • Be submitted on official company letterhead.
  • Have a specified reimbursement amount noted.

NYS Employees and UUP Personnel
NYS Employees and UUP Personnel must submit completed, approved waivers on or before payment due date. The student is responsible for payment of all tuition and fees at time of registration/payment unless the above are furnished. Subsequent authorization will entitle the student to a refund when vouchers are honored by the issuing campus. Students must use SUNYIT’s UUP form which can be found at: www.sunyit.edu/human_resources/forms

State or Federally Sponsored (VESID, TRA, DVR, WIA, etc.)
It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the sponsoring agency has provided the Bursar’s Office with the appropriate vouchers or authorizations required to obtain payment. Confirmation, in writing, of the amount and limitations of the award(s) must be furnished on or before payment due date. TRA sponsored students must have a valid confirmation number available at time of payment/registration.

The student is responsible for payment of any tuition and fees not confirmed by the sponsoring agency at time payment is due. Subsequent authorization will entitle the student to a refund for covered amounts when voucher is honored.

Veteran’s Deferrals
If you are eligible for a veteran’s deferral, the appropriate forms must be filled out each semester and on file at the college, on or before the billing due date. Note that you have a Veteran’s Deferral and the amount on your semester billing statement. You will be rebilled as your tuition payments become due. Inquiries about eligibility for these deferrals should be addressed to the Registrar’s Office at 315/792-7265.

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974)
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 prohibits the release of privileged information to anyone except authorized personnel. If a student wishes another individual such as parents or spouse to have access to privileged information regarding their account, they must complete the release form obtained from the Student Account’s Office or online at www.sunyit.edu/bursar/forms and return it to the Student Account’s Office before any information will be released. It is necessary to complete this release on an annual basis. It can however, be revoked at anytime when written notification is provided to the appropriate office by the student. A new FERPA form is required each academic year.