Science, Technology and Society

STS 200     Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society (4)

Science and technology are integral parts of our society and our lives today. They influence the way we live and work and affect the way we understand ourselves and the world around us. Yet what, exactly, are science and technology? How do scientists develop new knowledge, and how do engineers and technologists develop new technologies? How do technologies affect our lives and our society? This course examines those issues by exploring the social dimensions of science and technology and by looking at the interactions and interrelationships among science, technology, and society. We will explore: 1.) the practice of science and technology to understand how scientific and technological work is conducted as a creative and human enterprise; 2.) how science and technology are shaped by different social and economic forces; and 3.) the impacts of science and technology on society.

STS 490     Topics in Science, Technology and Society (Variable 1-4)

An in-depth examination of particular topics in science, technology and society. Topics may include: Science, Technology, and Identity; Science, Technology, and the Environment; Science, Technology, and Gender; Science, Technology and Religion; Science, Technology, and Science Fiction. Typically, a topics course will use two or three general textbooks, and every student will be required to perform research on a particular issue related to the topic. May be taken more than once as topics change.

STS 491     Independent Study (Variable 1-4)

Extensive study and research on a particular topic of student interest under the supervision of a faculty member. The student is required to submit a written proposal which includes a description of the project, its duration, educational goals, methods of evaluation, and the number of credits to be earned. Prerequisites: STS 300 and permission of instructor and dean of subject matter.