College Association

The College Association at Utica/Rome is a not-for-profit corporation that contracts with the State University of New York to provide auxiliary services for the SUNYIT campus. Auxiliary Services are support activities (as distinguished from primary programs of institution, research and public service) operated on a self-supporting basis, the primary purpose of which is to provide specified services to the campus community. The primary services provided by the College Association are campus identification program, food service, bookstore and vending operations. The Association’s Board of Directors is composed of representatives of the Student Association, faculty, staff, and administration of SUNYIT. The policies of the Association are established by the Board of Directors.

The Association provides administrative and accounting services for many organizations, including student government and the SUNYIT Foundation. Any surplus income generated by the Association must be used to advance and promote the educational and benevolent purposes of the Association and SUNYIT.