Accelerated RN to BS/MS with a Major in Family Nurse Practitioner

Students enrolled in the Accelerated BS/MS program with a Major in Family Nurse Practitioner can expect to complete the degree requirements within three years of full-time study after completion of an associate degree nursing program.

Printable PDF Sample Plans of Study can be found at:

Undergraduate Status

Summer 1st Fall 1st Spring
NUR 300 NUR 320A NUR 344
  NUR 330A NUR 455
  NUR 314 NUR 340A
  NUR 325 Cul. Ant./Genetics
  BIO 350 COM 308

Graduate Status

Summer 2nd Fall 2nd Spring
NUR 474 NUR 500 NUR 555
  NUR 531 NUR 560
  NUR 570 NUR 572
  NUR 566 NUR 580
  NUR 567 Gen. Ed if needed
Summer 3rd Fall 3rd Spring
  NUR 503 NUR 668
  NUR 658 NUR 680
  NUR 652 NUR 692
  NUR 670 Gen. Ed. if needed
  Gen. Ed. if needed  

Note: Graduate status begins at the 2nd fall term in the program of study.