Engineering Science

ESC 110     Introduction to Engineering (3)

Students will be introduced to the engineering profession. Lectures will cover what engineering is, how engineers solve problems, the design aspects of engineering, and what types of projects engineers in different disciplines work through. The course will be 2 hours of class lectures and a 2 hour laboratory each week.

ESC 120     Design Tools and Processes (3)

Introduction to the basic tools and techniques in engineering design. Fundamentals of graph communication, including sketching, computer-aided design, and parametric modeling. Three hours of lecture week.

ESC 210     Engineering Mechanics- Statics (3)

Equilibrium of coplanar force systems; analysis of frames and trusses; noncoplanar force systems; friction; centroids and moments of inertia. Three hours of lecture per week. Prerequisite(s): MAT 152.

ESC 220     Materials Science (3)

The course addresses the fundamental aspects of engineering material science. The topics covered in the course are: Classes of materials, distinctive properties of metals, ceramics and polymers, atomic structures and bonding, electrical & optical properties of metals, alloys & phase diagrams, polymers & secondary bonds: thermoplastics and thermosets, composites: polymer matrix composites, carbon & other fiber composites, metal matrix composites, Nanoscale materials: electronic states, electrical, optical, magnetic & magnetotransport properties. Three hours of lecture per week. Prerequisites: CHE 110, Essentials of Chemistry.

ESC 230     Mechanics of Materials (3)

Effect of shape and composition on mechanics of materials. Moments of inertia in beams, shear forces, beam deflection, beam and column design, torsion of shafts, thermal expansion, and pressure vessels. Three lecture hours per week. Prerequisites: ESC 210.

ESC 240     Engineering Mechanics- Dynamics (3)

Kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies using vector analysis. Force-mass-acceleration; work and energy, impulse and momentum, translating and rotating coordinate systems. Three hours of lecture per week. Prerequisites: PHY 201, MAT 230, ESC 210.

ESC 350     Solid Mechanics with Lab (2)

Experimental analysis of solid materials subjected to loads. Measurement and analysis of stress, strain, and deflection of mechanical and structural components. One hour of lecture and two hours of laboratory per week. Prerequisites: ESC 230.

ESC 370     Experimental Methods (3)

Students obtain knowledge in the design of experiments and instrumentation for measurements; processes and equipment for collections, analysis, and assessment of experimental results. Three hours of lecture per week. Laboratory activity substituted for lecture as appropriate. Prerequisites: MAT 230, PHY 202