Billing Tuition Payment

A bill will be generated each semester based on a student’s registration. Currently enrolled, matriculated students may either register for classes online during specified times, or register by phone through the Registrar’s office. New students will register at an orientation program.

All students must confirm their attendance, and if applicable authorize their financial aid.

To keep your class schedule and housing assignment (if applicable), you must choose one:

  1. No payment due: confirm your attendance and automatically accept your charges online at
  2. Pay online: either in full or with a payment plan. This automatically accepts your charges. 
  3. Pay by check: Access your QuikPay e-Bill account, print out a copy of your current statement and return the lower portion with your check payment.

Course registrations and room and board assignments are not guaranteed if payment or valid deferral is received after due date. Students requiring a re-registration will be subject to a $40 re-registration fee. Students who will not be attending are required to withdraw from their courses through the registrar’s office. Failure to attend classes is not considered a formal withdrawal and liability may be incurred as a result. De-registration for lack of payment is not considered a formal withdrawal and liability may be incurred. Students who register after the initial bill due date are required to make payment at the completion of the registration process.

Acceptable payment arrangements include enrollment in the FACTS Payment Plan, financial aid or proof of third party funding, such as VESID, WIA, Veterans Deferrals or private scholarships. Students can make payment by check or credit card online through e-Cashier. Those students who have enough financial aid credit on their bill to result in a zero or credit balance, can confirm their attendance online using their Banner account.

Students who have registered for classes and decide not to attend must formally withdraw through the Registrar’s Office to avoid being billed/charged for tuition and fees. Those students who register for classes after the billing due date are required to submit payment or valid deferral at the time of registration.