ENT 375     Introduction to Entrepreneurship (4)

Introduction to entrepreneurship emphasizing the critical role of recognizing and creating opportunities in small business, new ventures, corporate projects, and other organizational settings. Topics include attributes of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial careers, idea conceptualization, introduction to marketing and finance, profitability, opportunity evaluation, and introduction to business plan writing.

ENT 378     Entrepreneurial Technology Management (4)

Technology provides entrepreneurs with a vast, evolving medium for engaging in all phases of business activity. New business opportunities are literally evolving with the introduction of new technological developments. As pioneers in the exciting new dimension of business, students will study trends that have evolved, learn what methods and standards currently exist, learn how to analyze existing business web activity, and develop web business strategies for launching their own business activities on the net. Both classroom and computer laboratory are integrated providing a real-time learning by doing environment.

ENT 485     Business Planning for Entrepreneurs (4)

Focuses on planning activities that support entrepreneurial ventures including small businesses, franchises, non-profits, and internal corporate projects. Emphasis on generating a business plan for innovative entrepreneurial ventures and concepts. In depth study of written and oral documentation needed to generate a complete quantitative and qualitative business plan. Communication of financial, business, and rhetorical arguments will be covered. Prerequisite: ENT 375 and FIN 378.

ENT 492     Entrepreneurship Internship (4)

Supervised, discipline based experience in business organization. Emphasis on application, process and techniques used by business to sustain and promote growth. Specific skills and competencies needed to be a successful decision-maker are targeted. Oversight provided by the School internship coordinator, min-semester evaluation and a final, comprehensive written report are required. Prerequisite: ENT 375, ENT 378, and Permission of Instructor. Only S/U grades are awarded for this course.