Criminal Justice Minor

A minor in Criminal Justice is highly desirable for students wishing to add a criminal justice focus to a more traditional discipline within Arts & Sciences (such as Psychology, Sociology, or Communication), as well as to students within one of SUNYIT’s professional programs (such as Nursing ,Computer and Information Sciences, or Business) who are looking to augment their skills with a foundation in today’s market and society.

A. General Requirements 

  • A student desiring a minor in Criminal Justice must register with the program and take a minimum of 17 credits of Criminal Justice courses, at least 8 of which must be taken at the Institute of Technology.

B. Specific Requirements 

  • CJ 101 (Introduction to Criminal Justice) or Equivalent 
  • CJ 310 (Explaining Crime) or SOC 351 (Sociology of Crime) or Equivalent 
  • CJ XXX (Lower division elective)  Plus 2 upper division electives (at least one of which must be at the 400-level).  It is highly recommended that these courses be selected in coordination with a program advisor to ensure the best fit with the student’s interests and major program of study.