Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is mandatory for all full-time students and ALL Department of Nursing students, regardless of credit hours. The medical insurance fee is added to the student’s account each semester unless he/she is able to provide SUNY Poly with proof of insurance coverage and completes the on-line Medical Insurance Waiver Form prior to attendance once an academic year. It is the student’s responsibility to insure that the waiver form is on file, as the charge becomes final on the last day to waive. Waiver forms will then no longer be accepted and the student is responsible for the payment of the insurance fee. Part-time students may purchase coverage if they so desire by contacting the Health & Wellness Center. Waiver forms must be submitted on the Web.

If you have Medical Insurance information with you when you web register:

  1. Press the Medical Insurance Waiver link at the bottom of the Registration Page,
  2. Complete the Medical Insurance Waiver Form,
  3. Press SUBMIT/Wait for message: “Your waiver has been successfully submitted.”

The cost of Student Medical Insurance will be deducted from your bill after review of your submitted medical insurance information.

If you have already registered but have not yet done your waiver on the web:

  1. Go to SUNY Poly’s Home Page on the web:,
  2. Select Campus Intranet in the Quick Links menu,
  3. Select Enter Secure Area,
  4. Enter your user ID and PIN,
  5. Press LOG IN,
  6. SUNY Poly Information Main Menu will appear,
  7. Select Personal Information Menu,
  8. Select Health Insurance Waiver,
  9. Fully complete the waiver form,
  10. Press SUBMIT/Wait for message: “Your waiver has been successfully submitted.

The cost of Student Medical Insurance will be deducted from your bill after review of your submitted medical insurance information.

Medical Insurance premium is not automatically refunded. When a student drops below full time, written request for refund will be accepted at the Business Office. After the last day to add for the semester, no further refunds of insurance will be allowed.

All international students (domestic students traveling abroad under an exchange program, or foreign students attending college in the U.S. on a student visa) must purchase International Student Medical Insurance regardless of whether they are full- or part-time. International students, who have been issued an I-20 from SUNY Poly, must be covered the entire time they remain in the U.S., whether attending classes or remaining in the country during summer break. Exemption from participation in the plan may be granted only in very few and specific circumstances.

Since both the international and domestic insurance plans are obtained through prior arrangement with insurance agencies independent of the State University of New York, cost per year is variable based on experience rating for the program. Students will be charged the appropriate rate at the time they begin attendance. Current rates are as follows, but are subject to change annually:

Domestic Student Basic Medical Insurance: $1,855 per year*
 (full-time students only)

International Student Insurance: $1,492.28 per year*
(both full- and part-time students)

*Subject to change