Health Information Management

HIM 501         Health Care Informatics (3)

The theoretical basis of health care informatics and health information systems is presented and the use of technology to deliver health care is explored.  Study of the impact of informatics on the socio-cultural environment of health care and the infrastructure to support health care informatics is a primary focus.


HIM 509         Legal Issues in Health Informatics (3)

A study of the overall legal aspects of the various dimensions of health informatics and information management.  Specific applications and study will include areas of health informatics and information management, the medical staff, facility liability, consent for treatment, confidentiality of health information, computerization of health information, professional negligence/medical malpractice and other related topics.  


HIM 600         Quality Improvement in Healthcare (3)

Overview of quality improvement methods. Includes topics about defining, measuring, analyzing, and controlling quality problems in various areas of informatics in healthcare. Application areas include health information technology and management. The effects of social, psychological, and management. The effects of social, psychological, and behavioral factors on quality are considered.