Graduate Grading System

Each matriculated graduate student must maintain an overall academic grade point average of 3.0 (B grade). A student may, through the advisor, submit a petition to the department to repeat a maximum of two (2) courses in which a C grade or less was received. No more than two (2) C grades will count towards a graduate degree.

If a student does not receive a passing grade in a course which is a prerequisite for another course in the program, the student may not proceed to take other course(s) until the prerequisite has been met.

Grading System
Letter grades are used for the final rating in all courses. The grades and an interpretation of the quality of work follow:

A Excellent 4.0 (Quality Point Per Credit Hour)
A- 3.67 (Quality Point Per Credit Hour)
B+ 3.33 (Quality Point Per Credit Hour)
B Good 3.0 (Quality Point Per Credit Hour)
B- 2.67 (Quality Point Per Credit Hour)
C+ 2.33 (Quality Point Per Credit Hour)
C Passing 2.0 (Quality Point Per Credit Hour)
F Failing 0.0 (Quality Point Per Credit Hour)
I Incomplete This grade is granted by the instructor when a student has failed to complete course requirements on schedule. An incomplete grade must be removed by mid-semester of the following regular semester unless the student has applied in writing and has received an extension for a specified time. Approval of requests for renewal will be at the option of the faculty member and college dean. Any incomplete grade not removed within the stated time will become an F grade at the next semester midpoint.
IP In Progress\Passing This grade is assigned at the discretion of the instructor when the student is making satisfactory progress in course requirements that one ordinarily would be unable to complete by the end of a semester, ie., practicums, internships, research, etc. An IP grade that is not removed by the end of the following semester will be recorded as an F grade.
L Load Student is making progress toward completion of thesis/project, and has earned the credit for which they are registered in the term, but they have not completed the final thesis/project. Credit is earned, but the course is not applied toward any specific degree requirement in the degree audit. The guide is a placeholder, but awards credit and be used for Financial Aid purposes.
S Satisfactory Upon receipt of a Satisfactory grade the student will receive credit for the registered number of semester hours.
U Unsatisfactory With an Unsatisfactory grade, the student must register again for the requisite number of semester hours in order to receive credit toward degree requirements.
W Withdraw Students who find it necessary to withdraw from a course must notify the Registrar’s Office within the approved time frame to receive a W for the course.