“Residence” for purposes of tuition refers to a student’s principal or permanent home. In order to qualify as a New York State resident for tuition purposes, in addition to other criteria, a student must be “domiciled” in New York State for a 12 month period immediately prior to the date of registration for the academic term for which application is made. A “domicile” is defined as that place where an individual maintains his/her permanent home and to which he/she always intends to return. Mere presence in New York State for educational purposes does not necessarily constitute domicile, regardless of time spent in NYS.

Effective July 1, 1986, resident tuition rates are applied to members of the Armed Forces of the United States on full-time active duty, stationed in New York State, their spouses and dependents. Spouses and dependents must obtain proof of their dependent status from appropriate personnel at their base education office and present it at the Bursar’s Office each semester upon registration. Please contact the Bursar’s Office if you require further information.