Technology Information Management

TIM 500         Project Management (3)

Reviews traditional project management techniques and project based organizational structures.  Special attention is given to the integration of project management with technology and strategic objectives.  Organizational issues, project tracking, the project manager, and project management techniques are examined both from the conceptual and the applied aspects.  The potential for transferring knowledge gained from projects to multiple areas in the organization is also covered.  Students will experience computer application software to support and implement project management activities.

TIM 530         Managing New Product Design and Development (3)

Regardless of the industry or business involved, careful attention must be given to the way new products are designed and developed.  Various aspects of product design and development are studied; including the functions of research and development, marketing, finance, design, manufacturing, and technical specifications.  Special attention is given to the tools and methodologies necessary in the creation and development of a new product.  An important focus of this course is on the challenges and perspectives presented by products that result from high technology environments or are themselves “high technology products.” Prerequisites: TIM 500 or permission of instructor.

TIM 585         Leading Organizational Change and Innovation (3)

Leading change at the individual, group, and organizational levels is critical to the survival, growth and success of various types of organizations.  This course aims to prepare leaders for the challenges of guiding organizations through strategic change and innovation projects.  Pressures in the dynamic external and internal environments of firms create opportunities for, or make necessary, innovation and transformation.  Given the complex nature of change, the course offers a holistic and multi-disciplinary view of sustainable change and innovation by integrating knowledge from three discrete domains: creativity and design, leadership, and organizational change.  This course expands the standard innovation discourse by introducing technological design concepts and principles as tools for effectively envisioning future change states.  Furthermore, the course explores the human, technological, network, environmental, industry, public sector, and societal variables that mediate creative and innovation outcomes for organizations.  Prerequisites:  TIM 500 or permission of instructor.

 TIM 685         Strategic Planning (3)

This is the capstone strategy course that covers the economics and strategy of technology and innovation management.  An integrating experience using case studies to apply the various skills and knowledge accumulated throughout the required coursework in business and technology management.  Special emphasis will be upon how organizations fit within the social, political, and economic environments.  Managerial strategies to optimize achievement of objectives in high technology environments will also be covered.  [Formerly BUS 685]