Dual Master’s Degrees

  1. A student possessing a master’s degree from another institution may earn a second master’s degree from SUNY Poly by completing the specific degree requirements and the college residency requirement.
  2. A student may earn two master’s degrees from SUNY Poly. The student must satisfy all degree requirements for each degree program. A student my use up to 9 credits from their first degree program, taken at SUNY Poly, to apply toward the second degree program (which also will apply toward the 27 hour per degree residency requirement). A minimum of 24 new credits are required for each 33 credit degree program. A minimum of 39 new credits are required for each 48 credit degree program. In programs with more than 9 credits of course overlap between degree requirements, all common courses will be counted toward fulfilling degree requirements but additional course work to reach the minimum new credits will be required.  A student wishing to complete more than one master’s degree may transfer a different set of courses from another institution for each degree.