Graduate Standing

Graduate Standing
The following definitions, procedures and regulations apply to graduate standing:

Matriculation: A matriculated student is one who has followed the standard SUNY admission policies for entrance to SUNY Polytechnic and is formally enrolled in an established program leading to a degree at SUNY Poly. A student who discontinues enrollment for more than three semesters will lose status as a matriculated student and must apply for readmission.

Full-Time/Part-Time Graduate Status: A full-time graduate student is one who has registered for a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester. The maximum student load is considered 15 graduate credit hours per semester*.  A part-time graduate student is one who is registered for less than 9 credit hours per semester.

* Academic departments may have individual policies that supersede the 15 credit maximum student load. 

Academic Warning: At the completion of each semester, each student’s academic record is routinely reviewed, and if the cumulative grade point average is below 3.00, the student is placed on academic warning for the following semester.

Academic Dismissal: At the completion of each semester, the academic record of each student on academic warning will be reviewed for academic dismissal reasons. If the semester grade point average of a student on academic warning is below 3.00 after nine (9) credit hours, the student will be academically dismissed. No student will be academically dismissed without first being on academic warning.

Readmission Following Academic Dismissal: Students dismissed for academic deficiencies who wish to apply for readmission to SUNY Poly must submit their written application to their college dean. The dean will evaluate the application and make a determination as to readmission and notify the Registrar’s Office. Readmission may be delayed until one full semester has elapsed and will generally be the case if a student is applying for readmission a second time. Establishing matriculation in a degree program is governed by the regulations for matriculation in that program at the time of readmission.

Continuous Registration: All graduate students must maintain continuous registration, equal to or greater than one credit while doing their final thesis, project, or capstone experience. Students can do this by registering for CMT 600 – Continuous Registration. Students must be registered for the term they intend to graduate SUNY Poly. (Computer Science students completing a thesis will register for CS 599 and Cybersecurity: Network & Computer Security students completing a thesis will register for NCS 599). This may be taken up to six semesters at which time it is expected that all program requirements will have been met.

Voluntary Withdrawal: To retain good academic standing, students who withdraw voluntarily must officially withdraw through the Registrar’s Office. Students who do not officially withdraw may receive failing grades in any courses not completed. The student who withdraws voluntarily without being granted a leave of absence loses matriculation status. Should the student desire to return at a later time, the student must file a Readmission Application with the Registrar’s Office and be approved for readmission. (Admission/graduation requirements in effect at the time of re-entry will apply.)

Leave of Absence: Leave of absence for a specified period of time may be granted to a student not subject to academic dismissal. The student applying for a leave of absence must give a definite date for re-registration at SUNY Poly. A student not returning for re-registration within the specified time will be classified as an official withdrawal. Application for leave of absence must be made to the dean of the college in which the student is enrolled.