FIN 525          Financial Management Problems (3)

Provides the student with in-depth experience with the subject of Business and Corporation Finance for their future development as practicing executives.  Students solve cases and problems faced by financial managers in the real world, that focus on major financial decisions and such current issues as corporate governance, securities issuance, globalization, privatization, financial analysis and planning, capital budgeting, capital structure, cost of capital, valuation, dividend policy, short/long term financing, financial markets, firm performance, and corporate restructuring.

FIN 532          Investment Strategy (3)

Introduces current technological trends market microstructure, and strategies for investment management in the financial market.  Topics include (1) stock/securities market structure, (2) risk-return tradeoffs on instruments, (3) auction, negotiation, online trading mechanisms, (4) mutual fund investments, (5) asset pricing and valuation theory, (6) security/industry/company analysis, (7) stock market/equity/technical/financial statement analysis, (8) capital market theory, and (9) combining stocks with other alternative investments, and (10) portfolio management.  Prerequisite:  FIN 525.

FIN 545          Fixed Income and Derivatives (3)

The course offers an integrating experience to understand and apply various theoretical models on interest rates and contingent claims on financial securities in both the finite and continuous time periods.  The course analyzes valuation techniques for different fixed-income securities, annuities, asset/liability, mortgages, contingent cash flows and derivative securities (options, forwards, futures, swaps and other interest rate related exotic derivatives, etc).  In addition, the course offers various techniques for portfolio immunization and matching duration, hedging and investment strategies especially with significant foreign exposures, and risk management,  Overall, this course is all about applied finance and investment and targeted for advanced graduate students with strong mathematical background.  This course prepares students to start careers in financial analysis and financial planning, investment banking, insurance industry, mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity funds, asset/liability and risk management, as well as for the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) examinations in fixed-income securities, portfolio management and quantitative analysis.

FIN 685          Seminar in Accounting & Finance (3)

An integrating experience to apply the varied skills and knowledge accumulated through the required course work to make the student competitive in capital markets.  Special emphasis will be upon mastery of body of accounting and financial knowledge including significant current development on the economic and financial scene.  Students acquire greater understanding of global capital markets, demonstrate the ability to use the tools and techniques of accounting and investment analysis in the valuation of assets, and provide a synthesis of all previous related course work.  Prerequisites:  ACC 520 and FIN 525.