Financial Aid Deferrals

Students who have financial aid that is already verified by the Financial Aid Office will have these financial aid credits that appear on their statement treated as credits. However, should a student be found to be ineligible for any listed aid, he/she is responsible for any unpaid balance. These credits may be estimates and are subject to change based on certification of the program regulations. Students are responsible for any balance should the estimated aid be changed or removed.

If a student has a valid form of aid not listed on the statement, it may be used as a credit if appropriate proof of award is included with your remittance. The following items are acceptable as proof: Direct Student Loans – enclose a copy of the loan award notice; Pell, SEOG, Perkins Loans, or Nursing Loans – enclose a copy of the award letter from Financial Aid; Private Scholarships – enclose a copy of the scholarship award letter. Private scholarships must be made payable directly to SUNY Poly.

If you are unsure of the status of a financial aid award, contact the Financial Aid Office at 315-792-7210. They may verify the amount of allowable deferral. It is important to note that applying for aid does not automatically guarantee eligibility.