Cross Registration and Regional Educational Consortium

SUNY Cross Registration

Cross registration occurs when one SUNY institution (the “Host” institution) provides instruction for an undergraduate student enrolled full-time in a degree or certificate program at another SUNY institution (the “Home” institution) during the same academic term (fall and spring terms only). Cross-registered instruction may occur in any instructional format.  You must have the approval of both the home and host institution. You are responsible for ensuring that the course(s) you register for meet the requirements of your degree. If you change your program of study, the courses for which you cross register no longer count toward degree requirements.

For SUNY Poly students registering at other SUNY campuses:

  • Courses must be required for your degree and not offered at SUNY Poly in the term requested.
  • If another course offered at SUNY Poly for the term may be taken instead of the requested course, the request to cross register will be denied.
  • Courses for a second major or a minor are not eligible for cross registration.
  • Elective courses are not eligible for cross registration.
  • Approval of a Petition to Take Classes is required, but is not a guarantee that a request to cross register will be approved. The Petition to Take Classes form is available on the Registrar’s web page.
  • When at all possible, students should use the online cross registration form (
  • Students may use a cross registered course to bring them up to full time at SUNY Poly in order to be eligible for financial aid (by use of the Financial Aid Consortium). This is done by checking the box on the online cross registration indicating that you wish to use financial aid for this course.
  • Cross registered students will be registered for a “place holder” course at SUNY Poly, which may affect your bill and your full time status. Do not pay the host campus without confirming with the SUNY Poly Bursar’s Office.
  • After the end of the term, your host campus will send us a transcript automatically, but it is your responsibility to ensure that the course has transferred as expected. It will display on your transcript in Banner Web.

For Students from other SUNY campuses registering at SUNY Poly:

  • You must complete both the SUNY Cross–registration agreement form and the SUNY Poly non-matriculated application.
  • The SUNY Cross-registration agreement must be approved by the appropriate individuals on your home campus prior to submission. When at all possible, students should use the online form (
  • The completed SUNY Cross-registration agreement and the non-matriculated application must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office at SUNY Poly. You must also submit proof that you have completed any prerequisite course work for the course you are intending to register for (unofficial transcripts are fine).
  • You are responsible for following the SUNY Poly academic calendar, found at
  • Registration for course work will be on a space available basis at SUNY Poly. This will be determined on the first day of classes each semester.
  • After the end of the term, the Registrar will send your home campus a transcript.

Regional Education Consortium

SUNY Poly is a member of a regional educational consortium that includes Hamilton College and Utica College. Full-time matriculated students and employees at any of the consortium partners are able to enroll in one course of up to four credits of eligible coursework per semester (fall and spring only) at partner campuses without incurring additional tuition charges. Eligible courses must be applicable to the student’s degree program and approved by the student’s academic advisor, certified by the Registrar. Courses are ineligible if SUNY Poly offers the same or equivalent course during the same semester. Registration in eligible courses is provided by the host campus on a space-available basis, determined by the host campus on or about the first day of classes. When enrolled in a course at another campus, students are reminded that the course will follow the calendar and all academic and student conduct regulations of the host campus. While there is no additional tuition charge for courses taken under this program, students will be charged by the host campus for any fees (e.g., parking, technology, computer, student activity, etc.) normally assessed upon part-time students. In addition, SUNY Poly may impose an administrative fee. Full details on this program, which may be modified from time to time, are available in the Office of the Registrar.