ENT 575         Innovation and Entrepreneurship (3)

This course provides a perspective strongly grounded in innovative thought along with a comprehensive introduction to the entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, and innovative activity.  Because entrepreneurship emphasizes and values innovation, we focus on technological and creative entrepreneurial ventures that highlight the act of innovation and its communication.  An emphasis is placed on the practical formation, understanding, communication and implementation of innovative ventures-laying the groundwork for the focus of all successive courses in the entrepreneurial series.  Contemporary articles, case studies, progressive texts, and applied, real-life learning is emphasized when possible.

ENT 580         Regional Entrepreneurial Environments (3)

Emphasis on environments most relevant to doing entrepreneurial business in small business and the technological environment of the Mohawk Valley and beyond.  We look at opportunities and networking in viable new high tech areas (e.g., emerging nanotechnology sector) as well as technical opportunities in traditional entrepreneurial business.  Topics include business model identification, personal networking, competitive and cooperative business and industry analysis, professional network, and internal and external resource management.  Prerequisites: ENT 575 with concurrency.

ENT 685         Advanced Entrepreneurial Planning (3)

This course provides the culminating experience for combining innovative thought with business, finance, and theoretical arguments with an aim toward practical corporate launch, project inception, or commercialization, This course builds upon and integrates knowledge and experience gained in lower level entrepreneurship courses.  Contemporary articles, case studies, progressive texts, and applied entrepreneurship are used.  Real-life, practical, and community-based learning is emphasized.  Prerequisites: ENT 575, ENT 580, MKT 578.