Other Refunds

Non-Credit Courses
Non-credit programs are operated on a self-sustaining basis. Fees are variable. Therefore, due to the nature of these programs, no refunds are allowed.

Room and Board Refunds
Room and board refunds are granted in accordance with stipulations in the current year Room and Board License issued to each resident. Room rental refunds are determined when all personal effects are removed from the room, keys surrendered, room inspected by Residential Life, all debts related to room rental incurred by the resident are paid in full to SUNY Poly, and the resident has signed out of the room.

Room and board refund requests must be in writing. Failure to terminate occupancy in the manner stipulated in the Room and Board License may result in additional charges accumulating for the period of time between termination of residency and the date of approval by the Director of Housing.

A resident who registers and occupies a room for two weeks or less receives a percentage refund of room and board charges based upon the number of weeks housed. A week is defined as beginning on Sunday and ending the following Saturday at midnight. A part week is counted as a whole week for refund purposes. Students occupying a room after the Saturday following the second full week of classes are liable for room and board charges for the entire semester.