Idea to Startup

ITS 303 What’s the Big Idea (3)

Student will be introduced to how to develop an idea into an entrepreneurial vision. This will include conceptualizing and presenting an idea to potential team members and investors, focusing your idea, understanding competition and looking for missing opportunities in a market, learn how to form a team and financial planning to support your idea. This course and BUS 303 cannot both be taken for credit.

ITS 304 Idea to Startup (3)

Students will develop an action plan for their business. This will include developing a plan to get your product to market, develop a proof of concept or demo, develop a business plan, which can be used to pitch your idea to investors, and refine the team which will help you get your idea to market. The culmination of the final project is a presentation to investors. This course and BUS 304 cannot both be taken for credit.