Student Activities and Student Government

The SUNY Poly Student Association (SUNYPolySA) is the elected student government organization for the student body at the Utica site. Through student activity fees, SUNYPolySA provides funding to support more than 30 academic and social clubs, student organizations, a student-run literary publication, a student senate, and a campus radio and cable TV station (Wildcat Media) providing students with a choice of extracurricular activities to make life outside of class more enjoyable both educationally and socially. Additionally, SUNYPolySA supports and major campus programming and special events. Student organizations at SUNY Poly provide students with leadership opportunities and with outlets for creative expression and campus involvement. Professional, academic, and special interest clubs are open to all students. The Black and Latino American Student Union, the West Indian African Club, and the International Student Association provide peer support and multi-cultural activities for the campus. Academic honor societies and academic clubs in every major are also an important component of campus life at SUNY Poly.