Ryan Wood ’22 – Civil Engineering Technology

Name: Ryan Wood

Hometown: DeRuyter, NY

Major: Civil Engineering Technology

Graduation Year: 2022

Why did you choose SUNY Poly?

I started as a student at Broome Community College in Binghamton, NY. After my time at SUNY Broome, I knew I wanted to continue my education. I talked to my professors and did some online research on my own, and all signs pointed to SUNY Poly. I had a professor that attended SUNY Poly as a student, I worked in the field with the NYSDOT with someone who also graduated from the Civil Engineering Technology program at Poly, so I knew it would be a great fit and would lead me on a successful path.

Why did you decide to pursue Civil Engineering Technology as a major?

I initially chose Civil Engineering Technology because I could work outside on some large-scale projects. I wanted to choose a major that would keep my options wide open and expose me to a multitude of opportunities. What I like the most about my major is that I play a role in designing projects that actually get built. I find nothing more fulfilling than seeing your work come together.

How would you describe your relationship with your professors?

This question is the easiest, phenomenal. Before I even met my advisor in person, I knew he was in my corner. I thought I just got lucky, but that’s how all of my professors are here. Every professor I have goes above and beyond, from sharing real-life experiences to pushing you academically and helping with career opportunities. I will always be grateful for my professors here at SUNY Poly and the relationships I’ve been able to build with them.

Have you completed an internship or conducted student research?

I had the opportunity to work with the NYSDOT as a transportation construction inspector the summer before junior year. I worked on some cool projects with some great supervisors, and these experiences helped me navigate through my junior year. This past summer, I completed an internship with Barton & Loguidice as one of their transportation interns in the Bridge group. I decided to shift slightly and begin focusing on design, which my coursework at SUNY Poly prepared me for. I worked with a great group of engineers throughout the summer, and I was exposed to a wide range of projects. B&L helped me solidify my career choice going into my senior semester.

What has been your favorite class at SUNY Poly so far?

I would say either Highway Design or Design of Steel Structures. Both courses taught me valuable skills I could apply to the real world during my internship.

The best academic experience at SUNY Poly?

Working on my senior capstone project. I enjoyed seeing how everyone had their strong suits and being able to pull a project design together for presentation.

After you graduate, what will you miss most about your time here at SUNY Poly?

All of the relationships and connections I’ve been able to make, I know they will continue after my time at SUNY Poly, but it is what I hold closest.

What are your plans after SUNY Poly? 

I have accepted a position at Barton and Loguidice, and I will start there after graduation.