Jae Fish ’23 : Sociology

Name: Jae Fish

Hometown: Schuylerville, NY

Major: Sociology

Minor: Criminal Justice

Graduation Year: 2023


Why did you choose SUNY Poly?

I choose SUNY Poly because of its small campus and class sizes.

Why did you decide to pursue Sociology as a major?

I hope to work in policy, and I thought studying Sociology would give me a new perspective on how different policies can affect different groups of people.

What’s your relationship like with your professors?

I have a close relationship with all of my professors. Because the classes are so small, I can connect with my professors more closely.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in at SUNY Poly?

I have been heavily involved with the Student Government at Utica throughout my time at SUNY Poly. I have held several positions and currently serve as the president.

Why did you decide to run for President of the Student Government?

I ran for SGU President after a heavy involvement with SGU beforehand. I loved the work and the progress I saw and wanted to continue. Overall I have had an amazing experience meeting with so many students, advocating for their concerns, and seeing projects I’ve worked on become tangible.

Student Government at Utica

What has been the most challenging part of being the SGU president?

The most difficult part of being President would be the personal growth I had to experience. I had to learn important skills that I hadn’t had before.

What has been your favorite class at SUNY Poly so far?

My favorite class so far has been my Sociology of Law in the Court class, where we learned how different laws affect people and the courts.

What do you like about campus life?

I loved how easy it was to get involved on campus and make new friends and connections.

What has been the most memorable experience you’ve had as a student?

I had the opportunity to attend the swearing-in ceremony of New York State governor Kathy Hochul. It was an amazing experience! I was able to experience history as New York swore in their first Women governor and network with many local, State, and Federal leaders, and represent SUNY Poly and our students. 

Do you feel SUNY Poly has prepared you for life after graduation?

SUNY Poly has definitely prepared me for life after graduation. Many of my professors have helped me through the process of finding my graduate program or introduced me to community members that have offered me internships.

What’s next for you after Poly?

I plan to attend graduate school to receive my Masters in Public Administration.