Trinity Critelli ’23: Finance

Frankfort native, Trinity Critelli was on the way to a softball tournament when her dad put on a Dave Ramsey podcast that sparked her interest in finance.

“I just thought it was the most interesting thing in the world,” Critelli said. “I love finance, I want to help people achieve their goals and have financial peace. I honestly could not see myself doing anything else.”

She began an internship at Utica-based financial planning firm, Advanced Group Financial Services, while in high school and has been working there ever since. It was important for her to find a college where she could pursue her degree while also continuing to work at the firm. SUNY Poly was exactly what she was looking for.

Critelli worked with her academic advisor to make a seamless transfer from MVCC where she received an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration.

Critelli graduated with an B.A. in Finance with a minor in Accounting in May and is now in her first semester in SUNY Poly’s MBA program. She is working her way to being a self-sufficient financial planner. She attended a financial planning jumpstart program in Nebraska to help her move forward in her goal of one day being able to run her own client meetings.  

Critelli and her peers at the financial planning jumpstart program in Nebraska

Critelli is currently fully licensed with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), boasting several licenses.

Critelli recounts a specific investment class she took with Associate Professor of Finance Matthew Brigida. “He was very knowledgeable. That class was super effective and translates into my work because we actually got a simulation in trading throughout that class.”

On top of her academics and work life, Critelli is key member of the SUNY Poly softball team and also serves on the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. As the softball team’s pitcher, she naturally takes on a leadership role which translates directly into her financial work.

Athletic Accomplishments

-Holds Single Season Strikeout record 2022-2023: 189 (breaking her previous record of 141 from 2021-2022 season
-Holds Single Season Wins record 2022-2023: 16-4 record
-Most Outstanding Award (Softball) 2022-23 (SUNY Poly Award)
-2022 -23 Female Scholar Athlete (SUNY Poly Award)
-Softball Blue & Gold Award 2021-22 Season (SUNY Poly Award)
-Threw three no-hitters 2022-23 Season
-West Division First Team All-Conference Softball – 2021-22 & 2022-23 Season (NAC Award)
-Second in all of Division III softball with 11.3 strikeouts per seven innings. (2022-23) 
-2023 NAC Woman of the Year Finalist (NAC)

She states, “If I was a client looking to hire, I would want somebody who was going to take the initiative to figure things out.”

Through her experiences in academics, athletics, and extra curriculars, Critelli is impressed with the close-knit community that SUNY Poly has to offer.

“Everybody is looking after each other” she says. “Having that sense of community, just being here four semesters, I think, is absolutely incredible.”