SUNY Poly’s Department of Mathematics and Physics welcomes three visiting professors

SUNY Polytechnic Institute has welcomed three visiting scientists in the Department of Mathematics and Physics, Dr. Christian Corda, Dr. Domenico Felice and Dr. Orlando Luongo, who have been working closely with Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics Dr. Carlo Cafaro. Here is a little about each of them and their activities at Poly.

Dr. Christian Corda is a theoretical physicist whose field of specialty is general relativity. While being a Visiting Scientist at SUNY Poly, Dr. Corda has focused his attention on quantum mechanical aspects black holes physics. His efforts have generated two publications in refereed journals: C. Corda, Schrödinger and Klein–Gordon theories of black holes from the quantization of the Oppenheimer and Snyder gravitational collapse, Commun. Theor. Phys. 75, 095405 (2023); C. Corda, Black hole spectra from Vaz’s quantum gravitational collapse, Fortschritte der Physik 71, 2300028 (2023). In February 2023, Dr. Corda collaborated with Dr. Cafaro and his collaborators on a fundamental work that is still under review, C. Cafaro, Ch. Corda, P. Cairns, and A. Bingolbali, Violation of Bell’s inequality in the Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt form with entangled quantum states revisited, arXiv:quant-ph/2302.14046 (2023). Currently, Dr. Corda and Dr. Cafaro are jointly collaborating on a very interesting study concerning universal aspects of the thermodynamics of a quantum-mechanically radiating black hole in the presence of deviations from thermality. This latter work sees Dr. Corda as the leading author.

Dr. Domenico Felice is a pure mathematician with extensive post-doctoral experience in the field of information geometry. While being a Visiting Scientist at SUNY Poly, Dr. Felice collaborated on a variety of ideas with Dr. Cafaro. His most recent collaboration with Dr. Cafaro concerns explicit information geometric calculations of the canonical divergence of a curve. The work appears in D. Felice and C. Cafaro, Explicit information geometric calculations of the canonical divergence of a curve, Mathematics 10, 1452 (2022). The scientific effort presents new proofs of pedagogical value that could be regarded as preparatory to results of more general applicability in information geometry, including the study of more general examples of statistical manifolds. In addition, these proofs could be further exploited to pursue more research-oriented open questions of a non-trivial nature, including investigating the ranking of different divergences capable of capturing a given dual structure. These lines of research are currently being investigated in a joint effort by Dr. Felice and Dr. Cafaro. During Fall 2023, Dr. Felice has kindly delivered two Guest Lectures in Dr. Cafaro’s mat490 course (Topology).

Dr. Orlando Luongo is a theoretical physicist with cosmology being his main field of specialty. While being a Visiting Assistant Professor at SUNY Poly, Dr. Luongo has published extensively. Together with Dr. Cafaro, they have focused on two main works in 2023. First, they produced a work by P. M. Alsing, C. Cafaro, O. Luongo, C. Lupo, S. Mancini, and H. Quevedo, Comparing metrics for mixed quantum states: Sjoqvist and Bures, Phys. Rev. A107, 052411 (2023). This is a very nice and relatively simple theoretical piece of work. It combines concepts of quantum physics with elements of differential geometry to clarify the differences between two important metrics for mixed quantum states of great use in quantum information science. In a second work, Dr. Luongo and Dr. Cafaro have jointly collaborated with Ms. Anna Chiara Alfano and Dr. Salvatore Capozziello on a cosmology work that appears as: A. C. Alfano, C. Cafaro, S. Capozziello, and O. Luongo, Dark energy-matter equivalence by the evolution of cosmic equation of state, Phys. Dark Universe 42, 101298 (2023). Currently, Dr. Luongo and Cafaro are collaborating on a variety of topics spanning from geometry of mixed quantum states to the physics of the Universe.