Student Profile: Michael Campbell, Mechanical Engineering Technology `16

“Internships allow insight to real-world experiences away from a protected classroom environment.” Michael Campbell, mechanical engineering technology student, said after his summer internship at Indium Corporation.

Campbell, a senior at SUNY Poly, interned at Indium Corporation of America as an Engineered Solder. Indium Corporation received over 200 applications for the twelve positions available and Campbell considers himself fortunate to have been selected. Campbell’s internship provided him with hands-on experience, as he describes in his responsibilities, “my main objective of the summer was to characterize some of Indium’s array of solder alloys. I was involved in many processes including; casting, prepping, and testing different solder specimens.” Campbell, with the assistance of Robert Jarret, Manufacturing Process Engineer and Material Science Professor at SUNY Poly, developed and implemented proper testing procedures to yield results for each mechanical and physical property.

This project had never been attempted at Indium Corporation, and while it was challenging, Campbell found the challenge to be one of the most rewarding parts of his internship. He applied his educational background and ingenuity to overcome these challenges and to achieve adequate results.

“This internship helped build my resume, expand my network of professionals, and experience real-world scenarios that apply to my field of study and to my future career, “ said Campbell, “this experience was invaluable.” After completing his degree Campbell plans to take the engineering fundamentals exam and find a full-time job. He is also considering pursuing a master’s degree.

Campbell encourages other students to pursue internships, as they are valuable learning experiences. “This experience has helped me to grasp the idea that it is not necessary for me to leave the area to find a great job in my field of study. Great jobs are present here in the Mohawk Valley.”

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