Michelle Brundage ’94 G’97 G’12

BrundageMichelleMany of us go about our banking needs from home or on one of our mobile devices, hopefully making things a little more convenient amid our busy lives. What it takes behind the scenes to manage the technology that makes it all possible for AmeriCU Credit Union is just another day’s work for Michelle Brundage.

A “three-time alum,” Brundage earned a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems and went on to pursue a master’s degree in business management; she then earned the MBA in technology management. Her academic career began while she was working at Griffiss Air Force base in Rome, N.Y., and continued when she changed jobs. With its part-time offerings and online courses, Brundage says, SUNY Poly was the perfect choice for her while she juggled higher education, working full-time and raising a family.

“The choices SUNY Poly gave me allowed me to continue my education even though I was working and raising children. When the base was put on the closure list, I worked for a year at Rome Laboratory as a contractor. With all of the military cuts, I decided to take a programmer position at AmeriCU Credit Union, which was a more stable environment. While employed at the credit union, I worked on both of my master’s degrees and was promoted to my current position, Manager of Application Systems and Service.”

Today, Brundage manages the application systems at AmeriCU, including the banking system, home banking and mobile banking platforms, among others. She manages a group of programmers that provide automation, reporting and project support for many credit union projects and initiatives as well as being the project manager for many wide-scale credit union projects. Brundage also serves as a member of the Alumni Association Advisory Board.

While her computer information systems degree prepared her well for the information technology positions she held while at both Griffiss and at Rome-based AmeriCU, she says it was her MBA in technology management that touched upon all of the areas she is exposed to in her field today, such as project management, marketing and project development.

“What I learned at SUNY Poly gave me a better understanding of my role in technology management along with enhancing my skills,” she says.

Although it was an unexpected career path from what she had originally intended, Brundage says it would not have been possible if not for the flexibility of and knowledge gained from her time at SUNY Poly, something that will forever keep the school close to her mind and her heart.

“I’ve been a part of SUNY Poly since the mid-’80s when I took courses that were offered on the base. I have seen SUNY Poly grow into a wonderful institution that has a lot to offer this area. My son attends full-time and is currently a junior and loves it. He’s had a great experience.”

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