Meet the Student Ambassadors: Ria Aman

Hometown: Palatine, IL

Anticipated Graduation Month/Year: May 2024

Major: Biology

Why did you choose SUNY Poly? I chose SUNY Poly for the Upstate Accelerated Scholars Program! 

Why did you choose your major? What do you like about it? Biology was the most fitting major for the pre-med track, and I have also always loved the life sciences! I really enjoy learning about the intricacies of the living world and seeing how different disciplines are applied within biology to explain life itself.

How would you describe your relationship with your professors? As SUNY Poly has a small class size, it has been easy to have a close relationship with my professors. They are all super sweet people and I’ve really enjoyed their lectures and also getting to know them!

Is there an impactful academic experience during your time at SUNY Poly that stands out to you? I think rediscovering my passion for learning overall has been an ongoing process that I have been thoroughly enjoying. I’ve noticed myself inadvertently smiling more and more during classes upon learning from my professors, and those moments have been a highlight of my time here. 

Are you involved in any extracurricular activities? I am currently a Resident Advisor in Hilltop Hall (and having the time of my life with my residents!) I also tutor; primarily for physics but also biology and chemistry. Lastly, I am the vice president of Allied Health Club.

Are you a recipient of an academic or alumni scholarship from the SUNY Poly Alumni Association? I have the Wildcat Gold Scholarship. 

What has been your favorite class at SUNY Poly so far? Anything with Dr. McLain! He is so knowledgeable and personable, so it is really fun to listen to him talk about anything. I have also greatly enjoyed my chemistry classes with Dr. Sharma; his passion for chemistry shows through when he teaches and is genuinely inspiring!

Best experience (academic or campus life) at SUNY Poly so far? I had so much fun on the Wildcat Events Board (WEB) trip to Salem, MA, last year. Salem has since become my favorite travel spot and I can’t wait to go there again.

After you graduate, what will you miss most about your time here at SUNY Poly? I will definitely miss seeing all the amazing people I’ve met so often.

Graduating Seniors: What are you plans after SUNY Poly? Plans are in progress at the moment 🙂